Seven Days

Shortlisted for the New Welsh Reader University of South Wales Travel Writing Award

Seven Days is a story of adventure and spirituality as son and father traverse the Rue du Bonjour, the pilgrim route of the high Pyrenees.

It is a journey with a writer grappling with some of the questions of modern life, his love for the mountains, his beliefs and aspirations and examples set both by his father and the enigmatic fellow traveller they meet in a remote auberge who comes to symbolise and shadow their sojourn, a man he nicknames Hemingway, although he is neither a writer nor an American.

A wonderfully engaging work of travel, discovery, and contemplation.

Book cover Seven Days by Nathan Munday.


‘An exhilarating read, beautifully written by an author of genuine originality. Munday’s debut announces him as an exciting and genre bridging author.’ – Cynan Llwyd admires Nathan Munday’s debut on Wales Art Review

John Barnie reviews Seven Days in Planet 230.

‘Nathan Munday is an original young travel writer.’ – Horatio Clare

‘This is a beautiful, wise, and moving book. Munday understands that a life well lived is all about yearning, reaching – physically, spiritually, emotionally. It is about never settling for the mediocre; about always rejecting the phrase “that will do”.’ – Niall Griffiths

‘… we stand with the narrator on the “God-drawn border” of the high Pyrenean cols, drinking in the draughts of cool, clean air, ready to take on the world… “Is Travel Writing Dead?” The energy and ambition of Munday’s debut is the answer.’ – Chris Moss, New Welsh Reader

‘Nathan Munday leads the reader on a fantabulous journey across Pyrenean land- and mindscapes interpreted through Christian tradition, Welsh legends, and myths from every time and place. It is a delicious mythopoeic pilgrimage for body, mind, and soul.’ – Revd Canon Dr Sarah Rowland Jones LVO OBE, Priest in Charge, The City Parish of St John the Baptist, Cardiff

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