Cheval 10

Short Story ‘Bible Blue’ published in Cheval 10

At the age of 65, a retired demolition worker fulfills his lifetime ambition of conducting an orchestra. The artist Cezanne completes a portrait of a friend, in a story which is a moving meditation on the nature of companionship and creativity. A poet constructs a powerful elegy and a reflection on his craft by making his subject nothing more than a simple pen and pencil.

Cheval 10 contains a selection of the best work submitted this year to the Terry Hetherington Award, which has become known as one of the most significant awards for young writers in Wales. What these pages add up to is a thrilling representation of where new Welsh writing is now.

Nathan Munday’s short story ‘Bible Blue’ was included in the anthology.

Nathan's short story Bible Blue published in Cheval 10.

I came across another piece of graffiti. It was Paddington Bear. Why was it here? I was a guest in this best of places. Had the artist done it as a joke? It was as if the angels, during their tea break, had painstakingly painted the bear for my comfort. It was not a sprayed-on transfer but a Banksy look-alike. I did not notice the pictures of uzis and rapping rhymes spread on each side. […] Like the dandelions between the bitumen and the green blades between the thorns, I looked on the bear and saw that it was good.

Taken from the short story ‘Bible Blue’ by Nathan Munday.

Read this short story in Cheval 10 available from Parthian Books.

Some of Nathan’s other stories and poems have also been published in Cheval 11, Cheval 12, and Cheval 13.