Cheval 11

Short story ‘Tylluan’ and poem ‘Mount Keen’ published in Cheval 11

A music scholar makes an unlikely friend in a retired sea captain. In the trenches in WW1 France, a soldier befriends a young Tommy before they both go over the top. A poet uses sumptuous imagery to take us on a journey from summer to autumn.

For eleven years the Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award has provided a platform for emerging young writers from and living in Wales. In this skillful and diverse collection of stories and poems, we celebrate the very best entries to this year’s award.

Nathan Munday’s short story ‘Tylluan’ was highly commended in the 2018 Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award. The anthology also contains his poem entitled ‘Mount Keen’.

‘Lepus’, I asked the dying thing,
‘Did you pursue the stars?’
His eyes contracted to a ring
His body was so marred.

Taken from ‘Mount Keen’ by Nathan Munday.
Nathan's published works in Cheval 11

Read this poem and the short story in Cheval 11 available from Parthian Books.

Some of Nathan’s other stories and poems have also been published in Cheval 10, Cheval 12, and Cheval 13.