Review of Lumen in Wales Arts Review

Lumen Review by Tiffany Atkinson

Today, I have another poetry review coming out in Wales Arts Review! Tiffany Atkinson’s Lumen has been hailed as a ‘fresh, moving and brilliantly inventive book’ by Sarah Howe. A lumen, we are told, ‘is a unit of light, but also a channel or an opening inside the body; perhaps, in this collection, it may also serve as a metaphor for the work of the poem itself.’

I’ll conclude by saying that a good poet makes you laugh, wonder, and even cringe at times; they unsettle you. It’s not always easy reading. I think it was Søren Kierkegaard that said that anxiety is necessary for creativity; it ‘can just as well express itself by muteness as by a scream’. Atkinson’s Lumen gives us a glimpse into language’s dizzying heights… sit there awhile… acknowledge those limits, but celebrate its full potential.

Nathan Munday

To read the review in Wales Arts Review , click here.

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