Cheval 13

Poem ’23rd of October’ and short story ‘Death of Tadcu Preacher’ published in Cheval 13

Angels and demons slink into sleepy Welsh villages. Whispers of a witch in Cwmgrach. A startling set of wings push through a young girl’s shoulder blades. An ancient secret breathes in an Irish heirloom.

For twelve years the Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award has provided a platform for emerging young writers from and living in Wales. This year Cheval 13 brings together a variety of the best short stories and poetry from young Welsh writers for the 2020 Terry Hetherington Award, showcasing a startling array of promising new voices in literature.

On the twenty-third of October,
the orange leaves and breeze
were disturbed by a sobering fact:
That thirty-nine sleepers were found
in a truck.

Taken from ’23rd of October’ by Nathan Munday, second prize in the 2020 Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award.
Nathan's published works in Cheval 13

‘Nathan Munday’s ’23rd of October’ was utterly breathtaking, it takes a very real and serious event and gives a voice to those who perished and for that, it was an honour to read.’ – Molly Holborn editor of Cheval 13.

His hair waved across his head.
This wet ocean. This stinging salt.
This haunting depth was dark.

Taken from ‘Death of Tadcu Preacher’ by Nathan Munday.

‘Family remains a strong theme this year, with second-place prize winner Nathan Munday’s poem ‘Death of Tadcu Preacher’ a heart-rending tribute to the man whose ‘hair waved across his head […].’ The emotional gravity with which Munday delivers his poem makes a standout contribution in his poem ’23rd of October’, telling of an incident where Essex police had discovered thirty-eight adults and a teenager who had passed away in a Bulgarian truck.’ – Natalie Ann Holborow editor of Cheval 13.

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Some of Nathan’s other short stories and poems have also been published in Cheval 10, Cheval 11, and Cheval 12.