Cheval 12

Poem ‘At Last’ and short story ‘Gheorghe and Furnicuƫa’ published in Cheval 12

A poet watches a fox in her garden. A fruit seller is confronted by the Terrible Tunisian Tigress. An office worker longs to escape the confines of his desk job.

For twelve years the Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award has provided a platform for emerging young writers from and living in Wales. In this year’s edition of Cheval, we celebrate the very best stories and poems which were entered into the latest award.

Nathan Munday came runner-up with his poem ‘At Last’. The anthology also contains his short story ‘Gheorghe and Furnicuƫa’.

And then I come to my stile.
It knows my knees.
I bow and worship my Deity.

Taken from ‘At Last’ by Nathan Munday, Runner-Up: Poetry in the Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award.
Nathan's works published in Cheval 12

Read this poem and the short story in Cheval 12 available from Parthian Books.

Some of Nathan’s other short stories and poems have also been published in Cheval 10, Cheval 11, and Cheval 13.